(Managing Photo Editor, Airbnb Plus)

For Airbnb, I was able to produce several promotional campaigns, including creating visually stunning imagery for their website, social media, and print materials. I have worked closely with their marketing and creative teams to develop concepts, source talent, and manage photoshoots, ensuring that the brand's identity and messaging are consistently conveyed through captivating visuals.

In February of 2018, I joined in launching the elevated Airbnb brand, Airbnb Plus. Every home designated Airbnb Plus is unique and meets a certain set of standards and guidelines, and those were generated by observing the behaviors of Airbnb’s best hosts. The homes were inspected and verified in person against a 100 point checklist covering design, amenities and hospitality. The inspectors were professional photographers who are specially trained to inspect a listing. In direct communication with the photographers and hosts, myself and my team of editors were able to onboard hundreds of listings. Those listing images were then used in marketing materials on billboards and ads across various media channels.