Just Win Baby

SDB Publications #3  // 2019
The Raiders were founded in Oakland in 1961 and have always been a California team.  They were moved to Los Angeles from 1982-1994 and have played in Oakland ever since.  In 2015 the Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis, attempted a move back to Los Angeles, but it was turned down by the NFL. In 2017, Davis successfully passed a movement to relocate the Raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas starting in 2020.

Throughout the turmoil of threats of relocation and several losing seasons, Raiders fans persist.  Most of them are adamantly against the move and express vitriol for Davis and his decision to abandon the city and fans of Oakland.  

Raiders fans (Raider Nation, The Black Hole, etc) are of the most dedicated groups of football fans in the country. The tailgates are of football lore, with makeshift bars and barbecues and bands performing every week. The fans themselves come from all over the Bay Area and encompass a wide racial and socio-economic background.  

In the parking lot, you’re likely to find black fans from East Oakland partying alongside Mexican fans from Vallejo alongside white fans from Berkeley alongside Mexican fans from East Oakland alongside Asian fans from Pleasanton - there are no borders.  White supporters with season tickets will do beer bongs with their neighbors. A group of young latino men grill carne asada.  A man named Shorty hands you a Modelo and suddenly you’re eating Korean tacos with Greg.  Music blends together as fans play mariachi and hip hop in adjacent pop up tents. No one goes hungry or thirsty.

The book:
Cover by Travis Kane

- 96 B/W pages
-55lb Rolland Enviro paper
-Foil embossed cover
-Perfect binding
-Printed in USA
-Edition of 150